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Music Making

Our members all learn, practice and perform in one or more of our five concert bands. Instruments played in the band are woodwind, brass and percussion - as represented by the picture at the left.

Green Band welcomes newcomers with or without previous musical experience, as well as those whose skills are rusty and those who want to try a new instrument. Graduates play in one of our more advanced concert bands.

All bands are led by experienced and paid conductors. Band members also receive bi-weekly group coaching in their specific instruments. Green band practises twice a week in the Fall term, and once a week after Christmas. The other four bands practise once a week on Wednesdays: two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

All five bands perform in two concerts a year: near the beginning of December and June.

PNHB also encourages band members to play in smaller groups outside of the main bands, and provides administrative support for the formation of such groups, known as ensembles. Groups range in size from about 6 to 30 musicians.

Each ensemble consists of a group of musicians with some shared musical interest or instrument. Each ensemble practises once a week, and give several concerts a year in retirement homes, schools and other community organizations.

We encourage new ensembles to form around a particular interest: there is something for everyone.


PNHB Conductors


Sal Castiglione


Jusin Hiscox


Mark Hiscox


Jon Knights


Gord Thomson


Green Band

Green Band Green band is for those who have not played in a band before or those who want to learn to play a new instrument. No musical experience is needed to join the Green Band.

No previous experience necessary

Come join us



Jubilee band Jubilee band is band made up of graduates of Green Band and those with limited playing experience in the past.

After a year or more, some may choose to move into the Allegro Band.



Allegro band

Allegro Allegro Band is a band that plays at the lower end of the Intermediate Level.

Music played is more challenging than that of Jubilee, particularly in the areas like rhythm and technique.



Skylark Band

Skylark An Intermediate Level Band This band requires more comprehensive technical, rhythmic and reading skills, and stresses musicality.



Odyssey Band


Our highest technical level band. This band strives to work on all aspects of performance including tone production, technical skills, intonation, music reading skills, and listening skills.





Clarinaires We are an intermediate to advanced Clarinet Choir, playing several different sizes of the clarinet family. With a repertoire of music from time of the Renaissance to today, we play gigs during the fall and the spring at various places in the community. Open to all Clarinet players Conductor: John B...




Flutissimo Flutissimo is the PNHB's newest ensemble, an Intermediate Flute Choir open to all flute players. A preparatory group runs in the summer for beginners.

We play occasional gigs, such as church services and background music for receptions. We are focusing on duets, trios, quartets and flute choir ar...



Brass Choir

BrassChoir Intermediate to advanced brass ensemble. Open to all brass players (trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba)

Conductor: Joe Uebelacker



Music Lab

Music lab Music lab is an Intermediate/beginner concert band ensemble, open to all Woodwind, Brass and Percussion players.

Our motto is Perform, Play and Learn and have lots of fun!

Our conductor is Sal Castiglione.




Fundamentals FUNdamentals is an Intermediate Pops Concert group, performing Swing, Broadway, Latin, Rock and Roll. Open to all woodwind/brass/percussion players

Conductor: Mark Hiscox




Dynamics Dynamics is an Advanced Pops Ensemble. Membership is by invitation. The group frequently plays gigs. Musical focus is Broadway, Latin/Caribbean, Rock and Roll

Conductor: Mark Hiscox



Swing Set

Swing set Swing Set is an Advanced Swing Band, open to all instruments by invitation.

We play gigs once a month, playing music of Big Band era, plus some Latin and Fusion.

Conductor: Justin Hiscox



OK Chorale

OkChorale OK Chorale is a choir that is open to all PNHB members who love to sing. Songs we sing focus on Broadway, jazz, pop/rock music.

We often entertain our guests as they arrive at our concerts.

Conductor: Mark Hiscox




Our Concerts


Some of our previous concerts

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