Our Green Band

Green Band The green band is for those who have not played in a band before or those who want to learn to play a new instrument. No musical experience is needed to join the Green Band.

No previous experience necessary If you don't know how to play an instrument - we will teach you.

If you don't know how to read music - we will teach you

If you don't even know how to count or keep a beat - yes, we will teach you.

If you need help choosing an instrument, we will help you and even rent you an instrument.

Our motto is

"Your best is good enough....and your best keeps getting better."

Green Band also welcomes people who have played before and want to refresh their skills and players who know an instrument and want to learn another.

Our patient and enthusiastic conductor Mark Hiscox will guide you - it is a blast. He is assisted by a bunch of great instrumental coaches, who help you to learn your chosen instrument.




"I'm a complete beginner to music and often thought that I'd learn to play an instrument. After retiring in June and attending the PNHB Information Day I was encouraged to give my longtime ambition to play the flute a try. I'm still very much a beginner and expect to be for some time, but the Green Band members have been incredible and encouraging. Slowly but surely I'm improving with help from Christine, our very patient and talented flute sectional teacher. Mark Hiscox, our very witty and knowledgeable bandleader, makes band practice great fun." — Eileen Nolan - Green band 2015-16

"I started on percussion this season in Green Band, and the learning curve is very challenging as I am focusing on vibes and bells (mallet percussion). But it is exhilarating to experience the integration of these instruments into band music. And, it is so social and fun! _Tom Bell - Green Band 2016-17





Welcome to the registration link for the Peterborough New Horizons Bands.

To register in one of our bands (at any time), or make additional enquiries, please check our contact info. We would love to have you join us!

We welcome you to come and watch our bands in practise. Again, please check our contact info to talk to a person about times.

When you are ready to join, please fill in the Membership Application Form, and email it to one of the Green Band Managers.


Green Band Info Day

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